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About Alphafinsoft

We specialize in providing Customized software solutions & IT services for various Industries. We create technology and drive it as our passion. We developed lot many popular software including Sharepro Plus, Enterprise Plus, DataSphere Plus, SalesConnect Plus, HealthCube Plus, SmartBanker Plus, SchoolConnect Plus, Docu Plus, Market Plus. Our products are meant for For Marketing Officers, Relationship Maagers, DSAs, Business Correspondents, Financial & Insur nce Advisors.

Some of the Business Challenges that Alpha FinSoft provides solution to are:

  • Regulatory KYC Compliance Challenges -New & Existing Customers (Re-KYC).
  • Acquiring of new customers (Customer on-boarding) for portfolio of Products with De-dupe checks.
  • Unified front-end integration interface for Customer On-Boarding integrated with multiple KYC, Credit Verification Interfaces and back-end systems.
  • Consolidated Customer Information Access with Sharing within the Group.
  • Enterprise customers should also deliver and manage Mobile Applications and supporting devices, for Employees and Extended Employees (Agents, Business Correspondents, Advisors) securely and cost-effectively.
  • Enterprise Customers can not invest in Mobile Devices for the Agents. The commercial and business Model needs to be supported by BYOD by the Agents.

Alpha FinSoft systems are easy to customize. They can adapt to each client requirement differently with a view to meet changing business needs & sustain a continuous program of Research and Development. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and building long-term business partnerships with its clients.

Innovation is the essence of what puts a company in the practice of successful ones. The determination and hard work is the key of success and we have proved it from the day one we entered into the market. From that time Alpha FinSoft is attaining new heights of success regularly along with holding new territories. We translate our dreams into reality.

Our solutions offer the scalability and flexibility to meet today's business challenges. With its customer oriented offerings. The application software support a great number of client entities. All modules provide excellent management reporting tools that help to run your business efficiently.

Alpha FinSoft Pvt. Ltd was founded in July 2009 to provide IT solutions software in various fields of service. Alpha FinSoft has established itself as a premier Software Product’s Development & Services Company. Major promoters of the company are senior Bankers & IT Professionals. The company is also supported by Microsoft Biz Spark Program

Our current product and services include Development, Marketing & Support of Application Software Ecosystem for Consumers & Professionals. We are also into Project Consultancy for Architectural Design Assistance, Code Review, Migration and best practices.

In pursuing this mission, we will deliver value:

  • To shareholders through superior returns.
  • To customers through solutions that improve their day-to-day productivity by helping them to manage information.
  • To staff through a stimulating environment that encourages innovation.

Provide value to customers through solutions that enhance their quality of life effectiveness.

Our mission is to grow rapidly and profitably through innovation in software products & services taking advantage of Internet & Unified Communication revolution.

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